We need to look at the difference between pushing and pulling. Push sounds a lot like command-and-control, while pull sounds more engaging.

Read this blog about how to create motivation through milestones and goals with compressing vision and purpose to avoid disengagement.

Most organizations are running like machines. They are effective. They are optimized. They run perfectly in a stable world where they can keep doing what they do best. But that’s not always enough.

The development team was already using Scrum as agile practice, but the rest of the organization didn’t know the first thing about agile practices.

modern teal organizations in dubai

What happens when you insist on a modern, flat, teal organization in Dubai? Pingala has done it, successfully. Their culture is their product.

Promote AI as a youngster

Three keys to use technology as a tool to empower yourself instead of fearing losing your job, according to a youngster.

Why having an age friendly workplace is crucial to your business

How can organizations create an age diverse workplace, where younger and older generations thrive and learn from each other?

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