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Episode 57: Selvledelse starter med selvindsigt

I denne episode sætter vi ord på hvad vi mener det kræver, på personligt niveau. Selvledelse kræver nemlig at du har styr på: Din tid. Dine opgaver. Din energi. Dine penge. Dine relationer. Din egen branding, indadtil i virksomheden. OG konflikthåndtering.

How to lead an ecosystem

The term “ecosystem” keeps popping up in the sphere of descriptors for New Ways of Working. “The Power of Ecosystems” was even the theme of the Global Peter Drucker Conference 2019 – and I can clearly see why that word and pattern is emerging: In a networked business world, we need to understand the dynamics of our teams and the interactions between them. This has a superb analogy to the nature of ecosystems.

Tool: How to analyze and understand your leadership project

If you want to engage your peers, your managers or your colleagues in leadership activities, you need to establish a mutual engagement and willingness to do so. That starts with a good understanding of the challenge you are tackling – or the opportunity you want to exploit. And that starts with analyzing it, so that you can convey the message and start the change.