five traits of a leader

This tool, Five Traits of Leaders that Transform will help you understand, how to identify what capabilities your organization have.

Why having an age friendly workplace is crucial to your business

How can organizations create an age diverse workplace, where younger and older generations thrive and learn from each other?

impact story

The Impact Story template helps you understand (in a collaboration with your employees) what the organizations impact is and what it stands for.

I denne episode forsøger vi at gøre op med alfabetsuppen – vi taler om flere generationer på arbejdspladser. For hvordan kommunikerer du som leder til en organisation, der har stor diversitet i alder?

the pizza model

The ‘Pizza Model’ shows the four areas, that describes the components of roles in an organisation. Download it here.

Innovation matrix

Innovation Matrix is a model that helps you map and understand how innovation in your organization takes place. Download the tool here. .

Special: Global Peter Drucker Forum 2018 – Day 2

Get our take-homes from day 2, about capabilities, risks and uncertainty, mistakes, strategic choices – and being hungry and foolish!