It’s easy. It’s a minimal amount of effort and stuff you need. Basically, just post-its, black pens and wall space. If you really want to go all in, I’ll recommend you find one of those small whiteboards or a flip over.

This is the second part of a two-piece blog post about modern people leadership, about the rhythm and daily mechanisms of modern people leadership

This is the first part of a two-piece blog post about modern people leadership, describing the frame for your work and collaboration.

five traits of a leader

This tool, Five Traits of Leaders that Transform will help you understand, how to identify what capabilities your organization have.

impact story

The Impact Story template helps you understand (in a collaboration with your employees) what the organizations impact is and what it stands for.

the pizza model

The ‘Pizza Model’ shows the four areas, that describes the components of roles in an organisation. Download it here.

Innovation matrix

Innovation Matrix is a model that helps you map and understand how innovation in your organization takes place. Download the tool here. .

Does your organization have the capabilities of the future?

Do your organization have what it takes? The rate and impact of change in the business world is massive. We need to look at our organizations and figure out how we can adapt to the future of work.

Driving the change that innovation brings

Innovation always brings some form of change along the side – but for who? Take a second to look at the blast radius as well as the sphere of influence

Tool for Hypothesis-driven experimentation and innovation

This blog post gives insight to the tool and template, and should be read as a follow-up to the blog post on speedboats.