garry ridge fremtidens kedekse

I denne episode taler vi med Garry Ridge fra WD-40 Company. Vi taler om Tribal Leadership, og om hvordan Garry Ridge’s ledelsesstil er – og vi forsøger at komme helt tæt på.

Roboboss – to bot or not to bot? // Part two

Roboboss? What are the politicians and research? What is high-tech and high-touch, and why must need to split management and leadership?

worldblu 2018

Two intense days in San Diego with the WorldBlu tribe have come to an end. And what an experience! Here are our take-homes!

Roboboss – to bot or not to bot? // Part one

The speed of technology is not to be neglected. But how should leaders deal with it? Are we at a point where we are ready to talk about a roboboss?

fremtidens ledelse high tech or high touch

I denne episode taler vi om high tech og high touch. Det handler om teknologi til ledelse, når vi har inviteret Anders Skytte Martinsen med i studiet. Så lyt med og find ud af hvad Build-A-Bot konceptet går ud på.

Having coaching dialogues with employees is an integrated part of the modern leadership. It makes it easier for the employees to be heard.

How Internal Communication delivers business value in the future

Internal Communication is not about producing news anymore. Younger people expect to engage with executives on social media and expect more authenticity.

fremtidens ledels intern kommunikation

I denne episode byder vi Jonas Bladt Hansen velkommen i Bloch&Østergaard. Emnet er intern kommunikation. Vi går i dybden med fremtiden for intern kommunikation, og hvad det betyder for vores organisering og kultur.