I denne del af vores miniserie om progressive virksomheder skal vi møde en med store ambitioner på klodens vegne. Det er Energinet der foruden en stor grøn omstilling også har mange andre forandringer, som har bidraget til at de er begyndt at tænke anderledes.

Det er tid til endnu en statusrapport fra virkeligheden – om Future of Work. Det er 621 dage siden vi sidst kiggede ind i fremtiden. Siden da er der sket meget.

Vi opfordrede jer til at stille os spørgsmål – og det gjorde I – og TAK! I denne episode besvarer vi jeres spørgsmål.

Attending Global Peter Drucker Forum always sparks a lot of ideas and thoughts. It’s food for the brain! This year was no exception. Even though there weren’t as many “fire speeches” as last year, the talks did give insight on the power of different ecosystems as well as challenges, risks, problems and how you as a leader should lead your ecosystems to achieve greatness – and why.

If organizations should succeed in staying relevant, it also implies that the Change Management team need to be up to date at all times.


Maybe you’ve heard it before; ‘we’re living in a VUCA world’. But what does VUCA actually mean, and why are we using it to describe the world we live in?

We’ve made a status on Future of Work highlighting four things we see right now: Pace of change, digitalization, way of organize and the millennial mindset.

The reasons to actually choose your own boss and mentor is clear: It gives you, as an employee, the CHOICE to choose from whom you can learn the most.

When organizations have the ability to adapt and drive internal change fast and often, they have a change capability as organizational core.

Most organizations are running like machines. They are effective. They are optimized. They run perfectly in a stable world where they can keep doing what they do best. But that’s not always enough.