Now you’ve been through the Learning Path, but you’re not finished yet. After answering the quiz you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the innovative mindset and how to get there.
  • Have a concrete idea on how to drive an experimental approach to products, processes and leadership.
  • Use tools to drive innovation forward through both running, growing and transforming the business.

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Map your Innovation Spectrum and transform your business

Mapping your business activities in an innovation matrix can help you understand how innovation takes place in your organization, and balance the investment between running, growing, and transforming your business.  

In this blog post, you will get an understanding of how the matrix can be used as a way to create an innovative mindset, finding the suitable leadership style as well as creating an innovative environment and culture to nudge innovation. 


Download the Innovation Matrix as a tool for you to use driving innovation.


should innovation start from the top or the bottom

In this blog post, you’ll get an understanding of why it is important to focus on innovation both from the top and from the bottom – and the roles of both parties.  


innovative mindset

Now you got the basics – but how to get the organization to follow? By listening to this podcast, you will learn about the difference between everyday innovation and radical innovation. You also learn how to practice getting an innovative mindset, and involve everybody in the organization to be innovative on daily basis. The podcast is in Danish. 



It can be difficult to know, where and how to start becoming more innovative. Firstly, we recommend you listen to this podcast episode about why it’s important to be innovative and how to start. The podcast is in Danish.