Want to join us, and be a part of creating
organizations where people want to show up?

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We always welcome fantastic people to our tribe; someone who shares our mindset, approach, purpose, and vision – and can expand our diversity.

Our purpose is to create organizations, where people want to show up – also in the future. You will take part in supporting our customers in shaping their future, embracing a constantly changing business world, and advising them on how to do it. Your role will be to inspire, facilitate, analyze, inspect, give advice, drive, and communicate future-oriented transformation projects, activities, and changes, for and with our customers primarily in the Danish private sector.

For both junior and senior advisors, this applies:

This is a backlog of our ideas of what our colleague might look like. Can you see yourself in this?

Your mindset and attitude:

  • You have a genuine interest and passion around the future of work and the modern workplace.
  • You believe in “being the best, not in the world, but for the world”.
  • You believe in people first.
  • You embrace technology as a lever and an augmentation of business and of people capabilities.
  • You strive to build relationships.
  • You are optimistic and solution-oriented.
  • You master at least two of our four focus areas: Research, Inspire, Enable, and Drive.
  • You believe in our purpose.

Your skills and capabilities:

  • You are good at people leadership, and have empathy.
  • You have background in academia, preferably with a masters degree.
  • You thrive in the melting pot between business, strategy, leadership, organizational development, and technology – but put people first all the time.
  • You know how to facilitate a workshop.
  • You like to experiment and be innovative. You’re not afraid of changing work habits.
  • You’re great at organizational change management.
  • You are familiar with social media and digital leadership, both internally in organizations and personally to form and nurture your network.
  • You’re maybe skilled in people analytics and how software can support leadership and organizations.
  • You’re maybe familiar with project management, with Agile, and with innovation processes.
  • You’re fluent in English and Danish.
  • You’re willing to work both with customers, and on developing our company.
  • You’re willing to work with some ‘behind the scenes’-tasks too.
  • AND: You have some skills, that we do not have.


  • Are likely based in the Copenhagen area, as the majority of our business is with Copenhagen-based organizations.
  • Are maybe 25 or 55 years old. Age is not important. You are.
  • Have a personal life too. Maybe you play football, like to paint, are a drummer, brew beer, or raise horses.
  • Are bright and likable.

We give you:

  • Transparency, involvement, and responsibility.
  • A culture of frequent dialogue, sparring, and support.
  • A constant search for ‘Blue Ocean’ problems and solutions.
  • Opportunity to use your skills and to take lead on activities immediately.
  • Opportunity tackle the great challenges of modern organizations.
  • Colleagues who really want to make a difference in the world.
  • Good coffee and a nice cantina.
  • Genuine interest in your success and well-being.

Additionally, for the Senior Advisor

  • You know how to build and run a lemonade stand, that is, you understand how a business works. Maybe you’re entrepreneur, or an experienced business manager.
  • You have several years of experience with people management and people leadership, having responsibility for both employees and leaders.
  • You know how to work with strategy and tactical activities.
  • You know how to hold a key note.
  • You have learned a lot from your experiences, can reflect on them, and are a trusted mentor for the people we help.

Send your application and LinkedIn-profile to [email protected], and describe how you can be part of creating organizations, where people want to show up – also in the future.

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