Content Collections

On this page, you’ll find all of our content from different platforms (articles, blog posts, videos and podcasts) all sorted by theme. We hope you’ll enjoy diving into our media files and content collections, and hopefully get inspired to take the action, creating organizations where people want to show up!

No doubt, there’s a lot of great literature out there that we are inspired by. Here’s a short-list of books and media, that we recommend as starting points – or crucial stepstones for your understanding and tooling.
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Be inspired by Future of Work

The world has changed. Living in a VUCA world we need to be able to work in new ways responding to the changes around us. In this content collection you’ll find knowledge, inspiration and tools about how to navigate in a VUCA world. Future of work is here, and this is how you can become a working futurist.

Fan of practical tools? Look at this!

The question we get the most when working with or advising someone is: “but, how do I do this?” With this in mind we strive to write down, mockup and publish as many of our tools as relevant. This means that this collection is a big collection of all tools not sorted on theme, but only by the fact that they are tool, and our way to try and help you answer the question on how.

Avoiding work-related stress

Clearly, both the increased tempo, the demand for fast-and-frequent changes, and the mix of work and life has an impact on how we feel. Ultimately, there is a risk of stress. These articles tackles the challenge from both a neuroscience perspective and a very practical perspective. Learn the real root cause of stress, and how to avoid it.