Puk Falkenberg

Puk creates value as advisor and hands-on executer on change projects and organizational development activities.

She is our lead on modern organizational change management and digital transformations when it comes to collaboration, communication, future of work, and social media in the modern workplace.


Puk Falkenberg (b. 1988) joined Bloch&Østergaard in September 2017, first as advisor and now as Partner.

Puk holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark, with a focus on organizational change management, and a bachelor in German Language and Culture.

In Bloch&Østergaard, Puk supports and drives change projects and organizational transformations enabling organizations to become self-propelled. With a background as strategist hand hands-on executer on agility and change leadership and enablement, Puk helps organizations embrace transformation. This cover setting direction, administrating tools, training and operational support.

Among others Puk has in recent projects build an educational concept of training 200+ employees in an agile mindset, culture and behavior as well as service and support, while providing safety and trust in the educational team driving the new concept for the first time.

Puk is a certified Scrum Master and Lean Change Professional that together with both her experience with digital communication and her thesis on change and knowledge management gives her the right tools and experience to research, inspire, enable and drive projects where we need to change approach and work methods.

Puk Falkenberg also acts as public speaker and host on our podcast “Fremtidens Ledelse To-Go”.

How to lead Millennials

In this video Puk Falkenberg talks about how millennials look at the future and how you should lead and guide them. The video is in Danish and made by Ledernes Kompetencecenter, where Puk will be speaking at Ledelse i Dag 2019. Find more on the event here.

Change as an organizational capability

In this video Puk Falkenberg explains some of the key points when you are looking at change as an organizational capability.

The video was made by Erhvervsbyen.dk at a gathering of HR professionals.